Hi, my name is Jake Liedkie.

As the pastor-teacher at Cornerstone Bible Church, my role is to shepherd God's flock as a steward (1 Peter 5:2ff) while we wait for the Chief Shepherd to appear. It is my great joy and delight to see people know our great God through his Son, Jesus Christ.

Here's a summary of how I came to Christ in salvation, and was eventually called to this role:

Early in life at the age of six I repented of my sin and submitted to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. At that time my conscience was weighed down by the burden of my guilt, and I trusted in the finished work of Christ alone for my standing before God. This young seedling of faith grew steadily throughout my teen years. I understood very little about biblical sanctification and as temptation came in full force I struggled to battle sin using God's resources, instead relying upon my own abilities to tame sin and lowering God's standards to make them attainable in the flesh.

At the age of 20, I was first introduced to expositional preaching, the doctrines of grace, and biblical sanctification. It's hard to describe the joy I experienced as I began to understand and appreciate my salvation more deeply. During this time I began wrestling more seriously with the potential that I might be called to full-time pastoral ministry.

Many events transpired over the next six years to solidify a decision to move to South Florida and begin seminary training at The Expositors Seminary. Most notably, is the way that God profoundly impacted my life and marriage and parenting through faithful shepherds. We had tasted of biblical preaching, and biblical counseling, and longed to see another church in the Pacific Northwest that would continue to carry this mantle.

I have a passion to train men so that they are equipped to lead others in the grace of the Gospel. We do this through studying and praying together in a group context as well as individual discipleship. It is a thrill to take part in the cultivation of the next generation of leaders as the church has done for centuries (2 Tim 2:2).

The Lord uses ministry to often remind me that I am insufficient for this task. But I strive according to His grace within me, until Christ is formed in each member (Col 1:28).


In His grip, by His grace,


Pastor Jake