World, Meet My Beloved Son

A Bible Exposition Of Mark 1:9-11

Well here we are back in Mark today. Grab your Bibles or your Bible apps and turn or scroll with me to Mark 1.

Let me just tell you, I love studying God’s Word and teaching it. That’s a good thing for a pastor to love doing.

But this study so far in Mark has been exceptional. We are just going to keep coming to the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. And if you can study Christ and be unaffected that’s a problem.

To understand Him rightly should cause brokenness over who you are. A compelling sense of unworthiness. An immense gratitude to Him for His undeserving grace. To see Christ and rightly respond is to swell with worship as you consider that the God-man would die for someone like you.

If you can study Christ and walk away in indifference then there is a concern that you don’t really know this person whom we are speaking of.

These truths are so lofty. So my prayer today is that your heart would be impressed with the Lord Jesus Christ. That you would see Him as the eternal Son, humbled to come and stand in your place.

And that you would leave here today re-invigorated by the truth that if you have come to Him in faith and repentance then you have Him. Expect to have your heart and mind gripped by the reality of Christ himself today.

This brings us to our third week in this study. Here’s where we are big picture:

  1. The Prologue to the Ministry of Jesus the Christ (1:1-12)
    1. Identification of Jesus’ Ministry (1)
    2. Preparation for Jesus’ Ministry (2-8)
    3. Inauguration of Jesus’ Ministry (9-11)
    4. Vindication of Jesus’ Ministry (12-13)

Mark is aware of all the details we find in Matthew in Luke. The birth narrative. The magi coming from the East. The last minute trip to Egypt. The scene in the temple as a boy

None of that is important to his purpose.

So today we come to his baptism. Oftentimes we kind of read over his baptism it seems at best kind of odd and unusual… why he would get baptized? At worst it seems useless or even inappropriate. Why was He baptized? What is the significance of His baptism? What do we learn about our God and Savior from this text?

Well, all of that from our text today.

4 Parts to the Inauguration of Jesus’ Ministry (9-11)

  1. His Appearance in Public (9a)
  2. His Affiliation with Sinners (9b)
  3. His Anointing by the Spirit (10)
  4. His Affirmation by the Father (11)