Doctrine of Demons - Satanology, Part 2

A Bible Exposition Of Various Passages

This morning is, part two of our study on the Adversary (Satan). Last week we tried to cover the origin of Satan. 

Well last week we got through the first sub-point of the first point. Not very far. But it was important to establish the origin of Satan, the first part of recognizing his person.

By way of review then, Satan originated as an angel, created early in the Creation week recorded generally in Genesis 1, but without specific reference to angelic beings. We looked at cross references in Psalms and Job 38 to establish the presence of angels during the week of Creation, and then also the fact that they could not have been created prior to the beginning unless they were eternal and uncreated.

We also examined a couple of passages in the Old Testament, Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28, both are believed by some to contain a record of Satan’s fall from glory. We demonstrated that there is nothing in the passages themselves that indicate this, there is no reference outside of these passages that associate them with Satan, and then the fact that the human kings written about in Isaiah and Ezekiel meet the descriptions when we account for the use of poetic, or figurative language.

This meant recognizing that Lucifer is not a title for Satan. It is a latin word that means shining one or light-bearing one and was picked up by the translators of the King James Version of the Bible. 

It is used to refer to the morning star, which isn’t Satan’s title, but rather the is a phrase mocking the king of Babylon who held a high view of himself.

Lastly, we considered the most likely depiction of Satan’s fall and placed this squarely in Genesis 3, that the act of leaving the boundaries and abode set for him in heaven, Satan attempted to destroy God’s creation and begin a rebellion. Since this is the first appearance of Satan, it would seem to be the most logical explanation of his first outward act of rebellion.

But this week we want to further examine how to deal with this great enemy of our souls. God has given us everything we need. It could be summarized many ways, but I broke this into two tools.

2 Tools for Withstanding the Enemy

     1. Recognizing Satan’s Person

  • Satan’s Origin
  • Satan’s Personality
  • Satan’s Characteristics
  • Satan’s Schemes
  • Satan’s Boundaries

     2. Resisting Satan’s Program

Understanding these truths will impact on your spiritual condition and your joy in Christ. We will move through the next couple of points quickly and spend the majority of our time on understanding Satan’s schemes and then discussing resisting Satan’s program.