Remembering Our Passover Lamb

A Bible Exposition of Mark 14:22-26

Friends, communion is a spiritual gift, a present from Jesus to his people. In fact, that’s the outline:

Three Activities as Jesus Institutes Communion for Us

It’s for us. 

In this text, Jesus is going to hijack the Passover meal and transform it into something new as history transitions from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant.

  1. He commandeers elements for the fellowship (22-24)

He takes elements out of the Passover meal and he gives them new significance. To commandeer something is to take it over. Most of our time today will be spent on these first two verses.

  1. He cultivates anticipation for the future (25)

The Lord’s Supper is designed to leave you desiring, expecting and wanting more. Not more of this life, but to be thinking about the life that is to come.

  1. He concludes by singing to the Father (26)

The night is heavy because Jesus is going to be betrayed in the next hours and falsely accused and tried. But he’s thanking the Father and singing with joy after this meal.

This morning I want you to see that communion is yet another way that Jesus blesses us. It is part of his tender care as our good shepherd. It is a gift and a provision for us spiritually.