Mark 14:43-52

Harvest Time in the Garden

A Bible Exposition of Mark 14:43-52

Mark is going to show us: Four Hearts Exposed in the Betrayal of Jesus—We See the Majesty of Jesus Shine Through the Fallout of Self-Preservation

Three different flavors of self-preservation. Each will manifest itself in a terrible fallout. Then the selflessness of Jesus stands in magnificent relief to each of these. It’s like the song on Sesame Street that teaches children observation skill—one of these things is not like the others. You have three pairs of sunglasses and then the fourth item is a baseball cap.

Here you have three characters who reap the fruit of their self-centeredness, and Jesus is the one thing that’s not like the others. 

  1. Religious elites who scheme to protect their influence (43)

  2. A renegade disciples who sells out to profit himself financially (44-45)

  3. A sovereign Lord who stands to perform his responsibility (46-49)

  4. Self-reliant sheep who scatter to preserve their safety (50-52)