Sharing Christ with Others

Practices for Fruitful Evangalism

An Exposition of Colossians 4:2-6

Our passage today will take the topic of evangelism and bring it to bear in three arenas of life: your prayer life; your personal life; and your speech. What does faithfulness to Jesus Christ look like when it comes to evangelism.

Not only that, but we are going to see our human weakness and our need for God’s grace today in this passage. Faithful evangelism relies not on human ability, but depends on God’s mighty power, and is carried out by faith.

As we work through these simple instructions, it is going to help us identify where and we can struggle in faithful evangelism.

My goal in our time together is to provide you with a clear framework for how God calls the members of a congregation to get involved in this work of evangelism. We aren’t going to find a program for evangelism or a quota, or even a methodology per se. 

What we are going to find instead are principles to be believed and applied.

3 Intentional Activities for Engaging in Evangelism

Faithful evangelism must be intentional, as we will see in our passage today. As we have said with so many other areas of the Christian life, we never really drift into evangelism, so it requires deliberate planning and effort. These three intentional activities for engaging in biblical evangelism are:

  1. Persistently ask God to provide evangelistic opportunities (2-4)

  2. Purposefully structure your life for evangelistic opportunities (5)

  3. Prudently speak to maximize evangelistic opportunities (6)