The role of the Husband

The Calling of a Husband

An Exposition of Colossians 3:19

Grab your Bibles and turn with me to Colossians 3. We will make it through one verse again today. I heard last week that it provided some entertainment value for some of you that we are moving so slowly. Don’t get too used to a verse per week. But these are important topics.

As we said last week instead of looking at an entire paragraph of Scripture, which is our normal practice, we are doing here topical expositions. So we are explaining one verse, one main truth, and examining that topic in detail from multiple texts in their context.

Last week we examined the role of a wife and her biblical priority. We saw that a wife worships Christ in her marriage through her joyful, willing submission to her husband. A godly woman finds freedom and liberty in trusting the Lord and not herself, being willing to let God bring about his plan in her life through her husband. We discussed what submission is and what it is not.

Heard comments from many non-wives in the body about how a message not specifically addressing them was convicting. Joyful submission challenges each of us. For husbands it raises the bar on our leadership to be godly.

I’m praising God at how his word works as we seek to strengthen and shore up our body in the fundamentals of the Christian life as he is rooting out wrong thinking and replacing it with truth and conviction.

Now this week we will see that a husband worships Christ in his biblical leadership within the marriage relationship.

4-Part Overview of a Husband’s Leadership

  1. The husband’s burden of biblical leadership

  2. The husband’s blueprint for biblical leadership

  3. The husband’s barriers to biblical leadership

  4. The husband’s blessing through biblical leadership