Wives Submit to your Husbands

The Privileged Position of a Wife

An Exposition of Colossians 3:18

Take your Bible and turn with me to Colossians 3. We are going to continue our series this morning entitled, “Christ in the Common.” This study is a practical look at how Jesus intersects with everyday living. The goal of this study is to shore up our Christian living by going back to the fundamentals of how we are to live the Christ life.

Our passage today is one verse, Colossians 3:18 and it is written to wives about the privileged duty of submission in marriage.

My sisters, I know that you want to honor Jesus and I want you to leave this morning greatly encouraged with clarity and conviction and joy as you embrace your God-given calling. There is so much working against your ability to trust God in this area.

And so, we need to be fortified in embracing God’s wisdom on this matter. So, in our time together we are going to reorient our thinking about a wife’s role back to the simple truth contained in Scripture. We will be washed together in the Word.

This week we start off with wives. Husbands, parents and children… you will get yours next, but for now its “ladies first.”

Today’s message will be slightly different in that we are really doing a topical exposition. This entire sermon is about one short topic from one verse. My goal is to bring the components you need to understand how to live for Christ in the area of submission.

5 Truths for Understanding a Wife’s Privilege of Submission (Colossians 3:18)

  1. The unfashionable principle of submission

  2. The unmistakable priority of submission

  3. The universal problem with submission

  4. The unnatural power for submission

  5. The unexpected payoff from submission