Our History

In the late summer of 2014, a group of 7 families began meeting together to seek the Lord’s face and see if He would bless their desire to plant a church in the Albany, Oregon area. Previously no one served in formal leadership roles in a local church, and the process of birthing a church seemed insurmountable. Regardless of that, from the beginning there was a shared burden to see a church plant, committed to expositional preaching, the sufficiency of Scripture in counseling and discipleship, and a commitment to the centrality of the Lord Jesus Christ in all things.

After an initial 90 day commitment the families re-evaluated and 5 agreed to remain on.  At that point, Jake was introduced to the group through a mutual friend. There was an instant sweet fellowship in the Lord together, and for 6 months the men of the group met weekly with Jake long distance from Florida to Oregon. In June of 2015, Jake and his family moved to Albany, Oregon and Cornerstone Bible Church was officially born.

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