Scripture to Music

Scripture to Music

Last week as our family drove to the mountains we spent hours in the car. Car rides for the Liedkies mean time spent listening to music (among other things). Music is a gift from God. It helps us sing praise, and express our gratitude and it helps us learn truth and meditate upon it. Scripture to music is the best.

For this reason I love children's music. It's repetitive. It allows me think deeply about simple truths as I hear and sing them over and over. I cannot tell you how many times children's praise music has corrected my thinking resulting in joy, repentance, and praise.

Another genre is spoken word, which uses tones and vocal inflection to emphasize content. Hearing Scripture read emphatically can be thought provoking.

Here are links to an example of each. Both are from Colossians 3, which we studied last Summer together as a church. Colossians 3 is an incredible and practical passage on the reality of new life in Christ.

  • Streetlights Bible reads the Bible in the NLT using these vocal inflections - it won't be everyone's preference, but it's another way to take in Scripture that you might enjoy. Here is Colossians 3 in its entirety.

  • Seeds Family worship is an album that is full of Scripture put to music. Simple verses repeated over and over and over. It's rich. This song is based upon Colossians 3:2-3. Here's another one on Philippians 2:9-11 about the coming exaltation of Jesus. I'd encourage you to listen to this song, learn it and sing it joyfully! Repetition = meditation.

Your pastor,